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For the creative bloggers

I created a web ring. Artful on the side The webring is for the type of blogger who has a "day" job inaddition to does crafty, artsy stuff. People who create in the midst of chaos.

After weeks of looking for a "real" people creative webring, I decided to make one. After reading artist blogs, people who knit for a living, and the retired folk who spend every moment at it, I needed some perspective.

In the way of frivolous lawsuits..

Is this as ridiculous as it seems? Cartoon's wedding plans deridded?

This kind of thing makes a girl want a drink.

As Biscuit Bits Flew Across the Table,

We all realized I didn't get a good night's sleep again. Being a light sleeper, prone to insomnia, it's a tough life when dealing with a teething infant. In our house, everybody sleeps but mommy. With a normal bedtime of 11pm and an early morning rise at 1.40am, I pretend to sleep for a few hours until the alarm goes off. On my ambitious nights, I get up and quilt or knit.

So when my sausage biscuit didn't arrive preassembled, I attempted to pry it open with a fork. Bits flew, cats flipped out trying to catch them and Cocodee was satisfied to sit on Daddy's rational lap. After that, Sasquatch flinched any time he came near me.

Ya never know when the cheetah will pounce, especially when she's tired.

Days like these..

I wish I was a stay at home mom. There'd at least be something to do, rather than waiting for someone to contact me so I can get work done. Luckily, I have a Love Social at Cordelia's class today. I have no idea what it is about but I can spend less time waiting around for NOTHING! Took about three weeks for work to start sucking again. Great.

On another note, I found what might be the cause of my sickness. Why the no wheat makes me better. Gluten Ataxia. The clumsiness, blackouts, difficult seeing, the falling down, headaches and migraines, the constant body pain, the not being able to think enough to get my ass home in the 6 mile straight shot from work. (There are two turns but I got lost anyway.) Gluten ataxia was outlined in my Living Without magazine. Following the story of this guy Mike and his long journey to diagnosis... it was fairly similar in the symptoms and tests, except, I was seeing a nutritionist and we dropped the wheat. So similar, I cried upon reading it. Gluten ataxia occurs when gluten causes damage to the cerebellum part of the brain. Brain Damage. Much like celiacs, I'd have to eat gluten prior to testing positive. Not something I'm willing to try. Because of it, I'm considering keeping the little one gluten free until we can see gluten's effect on her.

Life is great!

Last night's dream: Everywhere I went, someone told me I smelled bad.

At work: I've gotten a new project that nobody wants, everyone runs away from, and I can't get the details to start it. Luckily, I could work from home with said project but I can't use my laptop.

My kid: She has a cough now. She's been on three different antibiotics in the last four weeks to get over an ear infection. Antibiotics cause her to explode out of either end. So glad that's over. Now she is teething.

My home: Kitchen sink has a leak.

My husband: Has new car.

I'm wearing perfume today. I hope I don't smell.

Baby PicCollapse )

PSA: What you didn't know about HPV.

HPV, also known as the Human papillomavirus is actually a collections of different strains of the virus. About 10 of these can lead to cervical cancer.

I've seen a number of commercials on television about HPV and how I should get checked out. I try to take care of myself and occasionally let my dates slide out a little due to procrastination. Recently, I've been shocked by my aunt's story and I feel that it is one I ought to share for others to understand how important this is.

My aunt's storyCollapse )In some cases, HPV can take 10 to 15 years to resurface. In rare cases, some women can go much longer based on their immune response, a stressful event can trigger the occurance at any time.

HPV can be passed on even while using a condom. {Crap.} The only way to eliminate the risk of HPV is to abstain from sexual contact. Reduced risk can be found through the use of a monogamous relationship with an uninfected partner.

While HPV is dormant, pap smears will come up clean. Last year's results do not mean one is HPV free. When dormant, the virus is undetectable.

Men are carriers and have no known symptoms to HPV. There is no HPV test for men, on men it is undetectable.

Take this to heart and take care of your health. More Info on HPV.

A word about mammogram and breast checks. Short mammogram clipCollapse )

Whoops! Friends only Journal.

Decided to go friends only a while ago. Left no indication to the outside world of it.

Friends welcome. Friend me or comment here to be added, I'll get around to it quickly.

*Had to resort to this after some weirdo stalkery action.

Does anyone have dialup?

I haven't been on a system with dial-up for 6 years. When given the option to use a system with dial-up, I prefer not to. Maybe I'm living a charmed life but isn't DSL and Broadband about the same price as dial-up nowadays?

When I get some time, I'll be resizing pictures on here and in the rest of canary world - using PixResizer.


I suceeded. Olympic knitting completed. Pictures tomorrow when light is better.

Am I the one losing my mind?

Ok. I understand anti-war protesters. I understand war and the war in Iraq. I understand funerals. I understand soldiers die in times of war and require funerals. What I don't understand is how an anti-gay pastor goes around with his lackeys and protests at a fallen soldier's funeral and harasses the soldier's wife and family. At least a biker group, Patriot Guard, is stepping up to help out Even if you are vehemently against the war in Iraq, picketing funerals is in bad taste.

I thought the Fred Phelps' and his kind just wigs me out. Is there any thought going on in their heads other than crazy?

FYI: Camera Update, some evidence that the crazy guy pretending to be a lawer is possibly the guy who now has the camera. (Please note: Spelling mistake is on purpose since the that is how he spelled it!)